The mission of Temiskaming Shores  Chaplaincy is to provide pastoral and spiritual care to the residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the city of Temiskaming Shores, as well as to the residents' families and the staff of the facilities.

Temiskaming Shores  Chaplaincy  was founded in 2010 by Rt. Rev. Michael Fedechko who is the Chaplain and Spiritual Director. Chaplain Michael Fedechko is  a Member of the Association of Professional Chaplains, Certified by the Ontario Multifaith Council as a Multifaith Chaplain and was the Chaplain for the Temiskaming Lodge for over 13 years. He is also the Bishop Ordinary of the Independent Anglican Church, Diocese of Northe Ontario.
             Build community and individual relationships with the residents, theirfamilies and the staff.                     

 Partner with  Local clergy to support the pastoral needs of their congregants residing in any of the facilities we service.                                 Address the transitions required in moving into short- and long-term care.                    

  Be present to support all spiritual aspects of end-of-life care, including palliative and comfort care, and difficult ethical and moral decisions.                      Provide spiritual support for families and staff at times of grief and bereavement.                     

 Lead worship services addressing all faiths, and observe all major religious holidays.

 Provide individual pastoral support through music, prayer, Bible study and counselling                     

 Conduct memorial services for all faiths. At the Lodge and Hospital   
The chaplain addresses  the issues of later life, and we assist the residents and their families in their continued life journey. Between the losses and changes of this stage of life, seniors need not only to give up some of their independence but also to adjust to a new environment. The aim of chaplaincy is to support the residents on the journey, and to help them meet the challenges with grace. Our Director, offers comfort care, a istening ear, a caring presence, as well as prayer, Scripture, even anointing when asked for by a resident or appropriate to a given situation. He is sensitive to honoring wherever a resident, staff or family member is “coming from” regardless of a faith tradition.He can be reached  at  (705-672-1078 Cell: (705)622-1073 

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